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Weight Loss Addiction

Anorexia Nervosa
Those suffering from anorexia (Nervosa) are often obsessed with not gaining weight and often starve themselves in various ways. Often, this can lead to a condition called body dysmorphia where one becomes obsessed with real, or unreal, imperfections of one’s body. Anyone experiencing these kinds of addictions can “never be thin enough, and, even though they may outwardly be extremely underweight and beautiful, inflict extreme damage to themselves in an erroneous effort to fix perceived problems. 

Anorexic habits often include restricting calories, excessive exercise, taking diet pills, purging, or eating non-digestible substances as food replacements in order to lose as much weight as possible, in the shortest amount of time possible. These behaviors often lead to hospitalization, chronic illness, and even death. We are here to help. It is never too early or too late to address these devastating behaviors. We provide confidential individual, group, family, or couples counseling as it relates the overcoming these challenges. 

Bulimia is slightly different from anorexia. This addiction involves a continuous and destructive cycle of binge eating and purging. 
Commonly known to force themselves to purge multiple times a day, bulimia can also come with excessive exercise and the administration of laxatives in order to avoid gaining weight. If you are finding yourself taking part in out of control eating, followed by forcing yourself to purge, know that you can overcome this cycle with the help of our highly trained therapists.

We Can Help
We are fully aware of the devastation weight loss addiction can bring, and the destructive and unhealthy cycle of abuse it can lead to. Additionally, we understand the difficulty of getting out of this cycle and overcoming the addiction in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. We can provide you with specialized counseling to set you on the right track to recovery.   

Don’t Wait. Begin the healing process by reaching out for help, today.